6 Outdoor Storage Ideas

Storage seems to always be an issue in many homes. Mostly the issue is either there is no enough storage or the best way of storing items. As a matter of fact, this issue has limitless solutions to creative people. We have listed for you the best 5 outdoor storage ideas.

1. Buffet Cabinet

Depending on your personality and living routines, this type of cabinet would be great storage for you. You can store things like bar items on the cabinet’s top. Inside the cabinet just store anything you deem fit for it can hold almost everything including glassware. It is the perfect storage item you need while hosting dinners, having outdoor parties or just for family time purposes.

2. Wheelie bin storage

Most of the time people tend to store their wheelie bins at the backyard which can be quite a mess if happens to knock it over. There is a solution for this, wheelie bin and recycling storage! Just come up with a simple metal or wooden structure that can hold one or two wheelie bins. Ensure that the doors are large enough and the lids are easy to lift. You are free to build it to your preference and needs.

3. Portable Outdoor Coffee table with storage

This amazing outdoor storage is very practical and one of the simplest Do-It-Yourself projects you can ever have. You can try making one using the normal wooden crates that you can acquire locally. Nicely paint the crates with your preferred shade. Use plywood to glue them together in square shape. When this is done and the glue is dry, fix caster wheels below the crates for easy rolling. There goes your coffee table with plenty of storage for your cushions and drinks!

4. Firewood cart with wheels

Firewood is among the things that require enough storage space at home. To avoid storing them unorganized making your compound appear untidy, consider coming up with very creative firewood cart. It doesn’t matter how the idea be like, the thing is to come up with something practical. This will definitely help you maximize your storage space and organize your compound. Keep in mind that the cart is movable. You are allowed to change its position any time you feel like. You still don’t have to carry logs using your hands, you just push it.

5. Gardening tools hanger

These type of tools if not carefully stored can be harmful. It is therefore very to come up with a safe way of keeping them when they are not in use. It is very simple, with just a piece of wood and nails. If you still have an old rack. a long rod or a hockey stick, you are still sorted for the tools rack. Just nail it at the place of your choice preferable on a wall, attach hooks and you are good to go!

6. Wooden pallet for kids swimming toys

Your backyard can be a mess with the kids swimming toys scattered all over. Toys come in different shapes and sizes. There are those that are small and can be stored anywhere. others are so bulky and therefore requires storage space. If you have a wooden pallet at home, just add to it a few hooks on the front to accommodate things like pool kickboards, rafts, squirt guns and others.

Wrapping up

All you need is to think outside the box and be creative enough to store things properly around your home. Most of these storage items are pocket-friendly and some will cost you nothing at all.