Recycling Tips For Gardening

Old compost bags

Hoard few of your old compost bags as they can serve multiple beneficial purposes. For example, you can use such covers to transport garden waste or can suppress the growth of unwanted weeds by splitting and placing them downwards. You can even grow potatoes inside them if you want.

Large soft drink bottles



Instead of throwing away the large plastic containers of carbonated soft drinks, tend to use them as cloches to protect your tender plants from the extremities of weather. You are required first to slice the bottom half of the bottle and then place it over the plant, however, remember to open the lid to allow sufficient ventilation.

Utilize aquarium water and pond silt

If you have an aquarium or pond, instead of draining away the existing or old water present inside, instead divert it towards nourishing the plants in your garden. Aquarium water is rather rich in nutrients from whatever the fish has left behind, and pond silt is a highly nutrient-rich soil fertilizer.

Lollipop sticks

Next time before flicking your lollipop stick away, instead hoard them and utilize them for recycling purposes. How? Lollipop sticks can be used as labels or markers for identifying specific plants.

Toilet roll holders

You can use toilet roll holders to grow plants such as peas, carrots, and other deep root plants. Toilet roll holders are biodegradable meaning you can merely plant them into the ground, fill them with compost and sow seeds on top. Eventually, the roller will decompose.

Old CDs

Garden Decor

You can get creative with your unwanted and hoarded pile of discs or CDs. How? CDs make excellent bird scarers; merely hanging such CD’s by a string over the plant can reflect sunshine and scare away the birds.

Boiled water

No, you are not supposed to pour boiling water over your tender plants, as it will decimate them. Instead, tend to pour any existing boiling water over unwanted weeds, as it will deteriorate and kill the weed from within.

Old tires

If you have any unwanted old tires lying around your household, utilize them to form compost pits or raised beds by merely stacking one tire on top of another.

Used compost

Instead of dumping away used fertilizer, you can still use it for multiple purposes such as mulch or growing bulb and salad crops.


Plastic milk cartons

You can even use a large plastic milk container as a soil scooper by merely cutting the package at a 45-degree angle, and utilizing the portion of the carton with the handle attached.

Bubble wrap

Instead of sitting and popping these covers, you can utilize such bubble wrap covers to insulate your greenhouse from the extremities of weather conditions.